SECTOR : Engineering


Global Premium Services does general maintenance works on all kinds of machinery from any industry.

Their services range from transmission maintenance, repairing machines and parts from automotive, earth moving machinery, all types of production machines, transportation vehicles, ships, gears to actually building new parts.

GPS services basically any item where metal is involved.

* Ship Maintenance
Global Premium Services is also the only company based in the West of Fiji to service yachts, ships and boats. And they are able to provide support and help for offshore people requiring maintenance on their boats and ships etc.

GPS workshop is equipped with the latest tools and machinery.


• Computerized Mills
• Spark Erosion Machine (EDM)- the only one of its kind in Fiji.
• Gear Cutters
• Shaft Cutters
• Spilne Cutters
• Surface Grinders
• Welding Equipment
• Still Press
• 3D cutting machines
• 100 tonne still press
• Milling Machines
• Plastic Injection Moulding machines
• Cut and Dye Machines